LG announces world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV

At CES in Las Vegas this year, LG, known for its annual display of new TVs, diverged from the norm with the introduction of the OLED T, marking a departure from the conventional flat screens. Positioned as the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV, the OLED T boasts 4K resolution and integrates LG’s cutting-edge wireless transmission technology for both audio and video. What sets it apart is a unique contrast screen that gracefully rolls down into a discreet box at its base, allowing users to effortlessly raise or lower it at the touch of a button.

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Underneath its sleek exterior, the OLED T is powered by LG’s latest Alpha 11 AI processor, offering four times the performance of its predecessor. This enhancement translates to a remarkable 70 percent increase in graphics performance and a 30 percent boost in processing speeds, according to LG. Complementing this innovation is the OLED T’s compatibility with LG’s Zero Connect Box, introduced last year with the M3 OLED, enabling wireless transmission of video and audio from connected devices to the TV.

The OLED T’s base not only accommodates down-firing speakers that deliver surprisingly impressive sound quality but also houses various components. The TV offers three configuration options: standalone, against-the-wall, and wall-mounted. To achieve a fully transparent aesthetic, users can opt to activate or deactivate the backlights as desired.

Initial impressions of the OLED T’s visuals may be somewhat unsettling, with lifelike images appearing in miniature on the transparent display. However, experiences such as observing a fish tank or watching crisp and vivid movie clips mitigate any initial discomfort. LG has also introduced the T-Bar on the OLED T, displaying a dynamic mix of news, weather updates, song titles, and more at the bottom of the screen, while the main display remains clear.