BBQ indoors with the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

Calling all apartment dwellers and smoke alarm-weary barbecue enthusiasts! GE Appliances is making your dreams of smoke-infused feasts a reality with the launch of its innovative GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker.

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After a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign that raised over $800,000, this countertop marvel is hitting kitchen counters across the US just in time for CES 2024. Originally known as the Arden, the brainchild of GE’s “maker space and micro factory” FirstBuild, has come a long way while retaining its core purpose: delivering delicious smoked food indoors, minus the fire alarm symphony.

Think of it as a compact mini fridge-sized appliance housing a revolutionary Active Smoke Filtration technology. This system uses a catalyst to convert wood pellets into flavourful smoke, blending it with an electric heating element for precise temperature control. Tightly sealed gaskets keep the smoke contained, while the airflow whisks it over meats, veggies, and even desserts for maximum flavour infusion.

Catering to both novice and seasoned smoke masters, the Smart Indoor Smoker boasts five pre-programmed smoke settings and six dedicated options for popular classics like brisket, ribs, and chicken wings.

But this indoor marvel goes beyond mere functionality. Conveniences like the Smoke and Hold feature keep your food perfectly cooked and ready to eat for up to 24 hours. It also uses significantly less wood pellets than traditional outdoor smokers thanks to the electric element, and a nifty pellet capture system extinguishes used pellets in a water tank for mess-free cleanup.

For the tech-savvy foodies, the built-in connectivity offers another layer of convenience. The GE Profile Connect+ app lets you adjust smoke levels and monitor the cooking progress through a food probe. Future updates promise guided recipes and other exciting features.

Priced at $1,000, the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker hits retail shelves this month. Get ready to witness its magic at CES next week, or preorder yours now and start planning your first indoor BBQ!