Chrome on iOS getting long-awaited feature update

Google’s latest feature for Chrome on iOS may not be a revolutionary change for the browser, but it can be a handy addition for users who find stretching their fingers to reach the address bar disruptive to their workflow.

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This feature allows you to move the browser’s address bar from the top of the screen to the bottom, and you can easily switch it back to its original location if desired. Steve Moser, a contributing writer for MacRumors, first spotted this feature in the TestFlight version of Chrome for iOS back in August, and now it’s available in the public version of the mobile browser.

The primary aim of this feature is to enhance accessibility by making it easier for users to reach the address bar with their thumbs, similar to the experience in mobile browsers like Safari and Opera, which both offer the option to relocate the address bar. To use this feature, simply long-press on the URL bar, and select “Move address bar to the bottom” from the options that appear. Reverting it to the top of the screen is just as easy, and you can also find this new feature in the Settings menu.

We reached out to Google to inquire if this feature will be available on Android devices, and we’ll provide an update once we receive their response. It’s worth noting that Google experimented with a Chrome Home interface that had the URL bar at the bottom in 2019, but it remained in the experimental phase at that time.