WhatsApp to add self-destructing voice notes and multi-account

WhatsApp is introducing a significant feature that offers users more control over voice messages. This new feature, which is currently in beta testing on both Android and iPhone devices, allows you to send self-destructing voice notes, similar to the existing disappearing photo option.

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With the growing popularity of voice notes in recent years, this feature addresses user concerns about privacy and control. When sending a voice note, you will now have the option to set it as “view once.” This means the recipient can listen to the audio message only once, and it will self-destruct after that. To enable this feature, you need to click on the number one inside a circle while recording your voice note. It’s a one-time listen, and there’s no option to replay it. Additionally, if the recipient accidentally closes the conversation while the voice note is playing, the audio will be lost.

This feature aligns with WhatsApp’s goal of providing more privacy options and control to its users, similar to the disappearing photo and message features already available. It allows you to share sensitive information like streaming passwords, card details, or confidential messages with greater confidence.

In addition to the voice note feature, WhatsApp is making it more convenient for users with multiple accounts. If you have both a personal WhatsApp account and a business one, or if you maintain two accounts of a similar nature, WhatsApp will soon allow you to add both accounts to a single device. This is a practical solution that eliminates the need to carry two phones. To access both accounts, you won’t need to log out of one to use the other. Instead, you can go to the app’s Settings page, click on the arrow next to your name, and select the “Add account” option. Each account maintains its own privacy and notification settings, giving you more control over your messaging experience.

WhatsApp’s efforts to enhance user experience and privacy are evident in the rollout of these features. This expansion follows an earlier update that allowed users to access their WhatsApp account on multiple devices, a departure from the platform’s previous restriction of one account per phone. This latest update, scheduled for release in the coming weeks on Android devices, promises to make managing multiple aspects of your life more straightforward while ensuring that you can maintain boundaries and privacy across your accounts.