You can now embed Snapchat videos and stories

Snapchat has introduced two new features, one of which allows users to embed content from the platform into a website. Users can now embed Lenses, Spotlight videos, public stories, or profiles through their computer browser. They can do this by clicking the embed button in the share options, similar to what competitors like Instagram and TikTok have offered for a while.

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These new capabilities are a logical progression for Snapchat, which has been expanding its platform beyond basic image-sharing with friends. Features like articles, local place discovery, and Snapchat for Web in 2022 paved the way for these advancements.

In addition to embedding, Snapchat has introduced a feature powered by OpenAI that enables users to extend their snaps to capture more of their surroundings. This tool is akin to Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill but is applied to the entire border area instead of just one specific part. Engadget has verified that this feature is accessible to Snapchat+ subscribers.

Snapchat has been actively employing AI tools as incentives for its ever-growing Snapchat+ subscriber base, which now exceeds five million users. Their AI-powered Dreams feature, allowing users to generate packs of “fantastical” images, is available just once for regular users and up to once per month for Snapchat+ subscribers, with additional packs available for purchase at $0.99 each.

Snapchat quickly embraced the AI trend, launching a chatbot named My AI that employs “OpenAI’s GPT technology customized by the authors.” Initially exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers, My AI expanded to all global users two months later, offering a range of services from restaurant recommendations to photo responses. However, like other AI bots in 2023, it doesn’t always get things right.