Bank Zero now offers commercial banking services

Bank Zero has introduced a suite of banking services tailored for commercial clients, offering businesses of all sizes access to its streamlined, technology-driven banking approach. The bank’s chairman, Michael Jordaan, emphasized that Bank Zero has reimagined commercial banking to align with the digital age, focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. He noted that the bank’s ground-up development approach eliminates cumbersome legacy systems, which often result in inefficiencies and high fees.

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Bank Zero’s CEO, Yatin Narsai, described the project as groundbreaking, highlighting the institution’s commitment to simplicity, transparency, security, and cost-effectiveness. The entire commercial banking process, from setting up in-house banking teams to transaction approvals, can be managed seamlessly within the app. This approach allows for the creation of flexible in-house “relationship bankers” and authorizers, enhancing the banking experience for clients.

According to Bank Zero’s CFO, Liné Wiid, clients benefit from remarkable gains in productivity and safety when using the bank’s services. The app-based commercial banking platform significantly reduces the time and effort required for various banking tasks, particularly during busy month-end periods. Additionally, Bank Zero emphasizes cost savings, particularly for larger businesses that engage in higher transaction volumes.

Security is another vital aspect of Bank Zero’s commercial offering. The platform incorporates features such as flagging changed account details and supporting document attachments to payments for authorization, enhancing both productivity and security. Informative scheduled payments and transfers are available for automating regular transactions.

Further features of the commercial offering include the ability to download transaction histories into spreadsheets for easier reconciliation, the option to set up business debit cards for staff, and support for Bank Zero-supplied card machines with Xero Accounting integration. While bulk payments and collections are not currently available, Bank Zero has plans to introduce these features in the future, leveraging the foundation already in place.