Everything Meta announced at Connect 2023

Meta announced a slate of new products and features at its annual Connect conference, including next-generation AI experiences with celebrities and influencers, a new Meta Quest 3 MR headset, and improved Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses.

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Meta Quest 3

Meta’s new Quest 3 introduces an innovative mixed-reality headset. It boasts a slimmer profile compared to its predecessor and offers an upgraded display with a 90Hz refresh rate, alongside an experimental 120Hz mode for an even smoother experience. Notably, the Quest 3 incorporates Pancake lenses that are 40% thinner than those found in the Quest 2, resulting in a more immersive visual experience with a horizontal field of view of 110 degrees and a vertical field of view of 96 degrees.

Despite these enhancements, the headset remains lightweight at just 515 grams, representing a modest 12-gram increase over the Quest 2. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset and features 8GB of memory. The Quest 3 is available in two models: one with 128GB and another with 512GB of storage. Notably, it comes equipped with two RGB cameras and a depth projector that offers higher resolution than the Quest 2, enabling improved spatial tracking.

The headset also introduces 3D spatial audio speakers, a redesigned head strap, and new Touch Plus controllers featuring TruTouch haptics. These speakers offer a 40% increase in audio volume compared to the Quest 2, delivering a more immersive auditory experience. Additionally, the Quest 3 incorporates four extra IR cameras to enable advanced hand tracking. With a single charge, the device can provide up to 2.2 hours of usage, and a full recharge takes approximately 2.3 hours using the included 18W charger.

The Meta Quest 3 is now available for pre-order, with prices starting at $499.99 for the 128GB version and $649.99 for the larger 512GB model. The headset is set to hit store shelves on October 10, offering users an enhanced mixed-reality experience.

New AI Features

Meta introduced AI stickers across their services, enabling users to edit and collaborate on Instagram using AI editing tools for effortless image transformations.

Meta AI, currently in beta, was also unveiled. This conversational assistant serves WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram and will be available on Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses and the Meta Quest 3. It offers real-time information and generates images from text prompts, initially limited to the United States.

Moreover, Meta introduced 28 beta AIs with unique personalities, played by cultural icons and influencers like Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady, Kendall Jenner, and others. These AIs will roll out in the US, with more characters to come, enhancing user engagement and experiences across Meta’s platforms.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Meta, in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica, has unveiled the latest Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. These next-gen wearables offer improved audio quality, enhanced cameras, and a wide array of custom frame and lens combinations, totalling over 150 choices. They are also lighter and more comfortable. With the ability to livestream directly to Facebook or Instagram, users can now activate the voice assistant with the phrase “Hey Meta.”

The glasses feature a redesigned five-microphone array that delivers immersive audio recording, offering higher volume, enhanced bass, and improved audio for calls, music, and podcasts. Additionally, a 12MP camera can capture 1080p videos up to 60 seconds, easily shared using the “send a photo” command.

Powering these smart glasses is the Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen 1 Platform. They are accompanied by a redesigned charging case that offers an additional eight charges, extending the total usage time to 36 hours while maintaining a more compact and slimmer design.

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses will be available for purchase on October 17th, with prices starting at $299. Pre-orders are already open on Meta.com and Ray-Ban’s website.