Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms, has unveiled the development of “AI agents” for WhatsApp as part of the company’s future plans.

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According to WABetaInfo, Meta has already made substantial progress in integrating AI-powered chat functionalities into the messaging app. A preview of how these AI agents will function on the platform was presented during an announcement at Connect 2023.

While the feature is currently in development and not yet available, Zuckerberg revealed that Meta intends to release multiple AI agents, with more to follow. WhatsApp users will have the opportunity to join a waitlist to participate in testing AI-powered chats once they become available.

These AI agents will serve as messaging assistants, aiding users in their day-to-day activities by sending AI-generated messages. Meta acknowledges that some of these messages may be inappropriate or inaccurate and encourages users to report such incidents to WhatsApp.

Meta is leveraging open-source technology to develop its AI agents, necessitating the sharing of its AI work with researchers interested in creating their own algorithms using Meta’s advancements. Zuckerberg believes that this collaborative approach will contribute to enhancing Meta’s products.