Netflix has mailed its last DVD sets to subscribers

Yes, we also weren’t aware the initial Netflix business of mailing DVD rentals to customers was still going. Netflix is bidding farewell to its DVD rental service, marking the end of an era that played a significant role in the company’s rise as a streaming giant. On September 29, 2023, Netflix dispatch its last DVD rental, officially concluding this chapter in its history. In a recent announcement on X, Netflix expressed its appreciation for the enduring symbol of the red envelope, which has come to symbolize its passion for entertainment.

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Earlier this year, in April, Netflix disclosed its decision to shutter its DVD rental business due to dwindling demand for physical rentals, which was making it increasingly challenging to maintain the level of service quality the company aspired to provide. Netflix embarked on its DVD rental journey in 1998, with the shipment of its first disc, “Beetlejuice.” Over the years, it dispatched 5.2 billion movies enclosed in those iconic red envelopes to more than 40 million customers.

DVD rentals played a pivotal role in Netflix’s evolution, serving as a stepping stone for the introduction of on-demand streaming in 2007. By 2009, streaming had become Netflix’s flagship service, propelling the company to its current status as a global streaming powerhouse with over 238 million subscribers. In contrast, DVD rentals, which eventually transitioned to, gradually receded into the background as a minor component of Netflix’s offerings. Worldwide DVD and Blu-ray sales experienced a 19 percent decline from 2021 to 2022, reflecting changing consumer preferences. In a significant development, Disney recently announced the cessation of DVD and Blu-ray production in Australia.

While the discontinuation of Netflix’s DVD rental service marks the conclusion of a significant chapter, there is a silver lining. During the summer, Netflix assured its customers that those who still possess rentals can keep their discs. Moreover, they have the opportunity to request up to 10 additional movies to help Netflix clear its remaining inventory. Netflix encourages its customers to savour their final shipments for as long as they wish, allowing them to enjoy these cinematic treasures.