Microsoft launches a 1TB matte black Xbox Series S

Microsoft has introduced a new variant of the Xbox Series S in sleek carbon black, boasting an impressive 1TB of built-in storage. This updated version maintains the core features of the original white Xbox Series S but offers a fresh exterior look and expanded storage capacity. Priced at $349, it remains an affordable gaming option, particularly for those eager to dive into Bethesda’s latest title, Starfield, which debuts on Xbox Series S / X and PC this week.

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The carbon black finish now aligns with its larger counterpart, the Xbox Series X, while the original $299 white Xbox Series S with 512GB of storage remains available. With the 1TB capacity of this black model, you can comfortably install and enjoy modern games, such as Call of Duty, without fretting over storage limitations.

Effectively, you’re paying an additional $50 for an extra 512GB of storage, a far more economical option compared to the Seagate 512GB Xbox expansion card, which typically costs over $100. This storage boost is particularly significant since the previous Xbox Series S model only offered 364GB of usable storage, whereas the black model provides over 800GB of usable storage.

The ports on this model remain unchanged, featuring two USB ports, an Ethernet port, a storage expansion slot, and HDMI 2.1 output at the rear. At the front, you’ll find a single USB port, and there’s no disc drive. The black Xbox Series S is bundled with a matching black controller, mirroring the aesthetics of the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft has maintained the black coating on the speaker-like circle at the top, which serves as the primary fan for the Xbox Series S, expelling heat from the console. This design choice ensures a uniform black appearance, distinct from the “robot white” 512GB model, where the fan area features a black coating.

While there may be minor internal adjustments, a complete teardown is required to confirm these changes. The 1TB Xbox Series S in black is now available for purchase at a price of $349.99.