X, the social platform previously known as Twitter, seems to be finally carrying out its plan to transition TweetDeck into a paid service. Many X users, including social media consultant Matt Navarra, have reported encountering a sales page for X Premium (previously known as Twitter Blue) when attempting to access TweetDeck, now renamed XPro.

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We were hit with the restriction this morning, immediately prompting us to subscribe to Blue and listing some of the features. It happened while we were still actively using it, which is a horrible experience to face.

This development was expected, as X had announced on July 3rd its intention to make XPro exclusively available to subscribers. The transition was projected to take place “in 30 days,” though the company slightly missed its own deadline.

Under the leadership of owner Elon Musk, X has been working on enhancing X Premium as an appealing subscription offering, incorporating features like extended post length, formatting options, ad revenue sharing, and improved visibility in conversations and searches. Now, the company aims to entice users to pay for XPro by offering access to the coveted blue checkmark.

TweetDeck was a favoured third-party application for accessing Twitter before X acquired it in 2011. Its ability to manage multiple accounts and custom feeds made it indispensable for journalists, marketers, and professionals who relied on Twitter for their work.

Given this history, the decision to charge for TweetDeck and introduce a Pro version does have its logic. Nonetheless, it’s disappointing to see a once-free valuable tool transition to a paid model.