FNB confirmed as the most Valuable Brand in SA

FNB is without a doubt a great example of a company built on a solid foundation with innovation as the premise for its various successes. Being in the banking industry, one that is quite tough to showcase any sort of innovation, it speaks volumes to the heights this Bank has reached over the years. All that said it shouldn’t come as a surprise that FNB has maintained its position as the Most Valuable Brand in South Africa for a second consecutive year in the BrandZ Top30 Most Valuable Brands by Kantar, with a Brand Value of $2.7 billion.

The report mentioned that the country’s consumers rated FNB very highly on all brand equity metrics and is positioned as a particularly ‘Meaningfully Different’ brand. Adding onto that is the fact that between 2020 and 2021, FNB was also endorsed by consumers as having ‘great advertising’ and the bank’s marketing initiatives were cited as being relevant and memorable. FNB also scored high on measures of Brand Exposure in the Banking category, with the recently launched #TheChangeables campaign receiving a noteworthy mention in the report.

Jacques Celliers, FNB Chief Executive says “This is a monumental recognition for our customers and employees who are partners on our journey to build the best platform business in the world. This accolade comes at a time when the world is going through a pandemic that is characterised as a once-in-a-100-years event, as such it affirms our agility and resilience as a business. As South Africa begins to regain economic growth momentum, we’re energised more than ever to help our Retail and Commercial customers to actively participate in economic activity.”

As a purpose-led brand FNB continues to push and redefine boundaries on what help means to customers and society. “We play a pivotal role in our customers’ lives by empowering them through relevant and meaningful contextual solutions. Help is therefore central to everything we do, and this accolade has cemented our position as the most valuable brand in society. We are equally grateful to be voted the Most Valuable Brand in the country, following our 2020 nomination as the most valuable banking brand – to win this across industry and category is particularly humbling,” says FNB Chief Marketing Officer, Faye Mfikwe.

In conjunction with its strong performance, FNB was also lauded for its response to the pandemic through its holistic relief programmes aimed at helping customers, and these included the Cashflow Relief programme, as well as numerous waivers of fees and restructurings of loans. The bank’s digital banking platforms have also contributed to its brand value growth.

“The accolade is testament to the evolution of our brand to become more than just a bank, but rather a trusted financial services and lifestyle partner for our customers. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated our plans to design, implement and improve the nature of our financial and non-financial support to our customers and vulnerable communities. We continue to respond purposefully and empathically to calls for help by assisting customers through a range relief measures to help keep their heads above the water in the midst of a pandemic,” adds Mfikwe.

Recently, FNB affirmed its commitment to help by launching a new brand campaign, #TheChangeables. “The campaign highlights the ability of citizens and businesses to adapt to change and pays tribute to those who have changed their lives against all odds by transforming obstacles into opportunities for a better future for themselves and others,” concludes Mfikwe.

Always throwing down the gauntlet for others to challenge, only a few would bet against the Bank taking this honour once again in 2022.