Norton 360 Antivirus will soon offer the ability to mine cryptocurrency

We’re usually used to Norton Antivirus occupying a fair portion of our CPUs for a variety of reasons, though now the suite is set to offer the bespoke ability to directly mine Ethereum from within the program, and further will offer a cloud-based wallet solution to its customers.

As part of its early adopter program, NortonLifeLock (formerly referred to as Symantec) will soon introduce Norton Crypto – where users will be able to mine Ether from within the program without the need to install a separate mining app or configure permissions within their antivirus client to do so.

Fortunately, users won’t need to splurge on an expensive GPU to mine cryptocurrency using the system; rather, Norton Crypto will work in a pool where subscribers will be able to collate their efforts and collectively earn tokens. At this stage, it is unclear as to whether NortonLifeLock will take a cut of the profit.

In a statement to the press, Gagan Singh, chief product officer at NortonLifeLock quipped that “We are proud to be the first consumer Cyber Safety company to offer coinminers the ability to safely and easily turn the idle time on their PCs into an opportunity to earn digital currency. With Norton Crypto, our customers can mine for cryptocurrency with just a few clicks, avoiding many barriers to entry in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

Whether Norton Crypto will move to support other cryptocurrencies – or continue to support Ether – once Ethereum moves to Proof of Stake rather than Proof of Work mining remains to be seen.

Norton Crypto will further enable users to transfer their funds into a cloud-based wallet rather than store Ether directly on their machine to prevent losing their cash due to a hardware fault.

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