Luckily for South Africans, data prices have been dropping in recent years after decades of constant increases. Increased competition, especially from fixed line providers, have driven all data prices down. MTN is launching new capped broadband packages to compete in the booming fixed line industry.

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While the industry trend seems to be more towards uncapped internet, MTN believes there is a lot of potential in the capped market as it can offer lower prices and increase accessibility. While uncapped may be the way to go for most, for people that know what their data usage is the capped option is very attractive due to lower prices.

“We are harnessing the best network in SA to cater for the customer looking for more affordable home connectivity by leveraging the strength, reliability and speed of our network. At the same time, we are supporting and enabling SMEs to succeed in the ‘new normal’ by providing value-added connectivity solutions,” said Mapula Bodibe, Chief Consumer Officer from MTN South Africa.

The prices for the MyMTN Home packages are rather competitive. Here is a full list:

  • MyMTN Home 120GB – R270pm x 24 months (50GB anytime data, 50GB night express data, 10GB music streaming data for Apple Music and Deezer, 10GB MTN Home bundle for Zoom, Skype, Cisco Webex and Google Hangouts)
  • MyMTN Home 150GB – R400pm x 24 months (75GB anytime data, 75GB night express data)
  • MyMTN Home 220GB – R500 x 24 months (110GB anytime data, 110GB night express data)
  • MyMTN Home 500GB – R700 x 24 months (250GB anytime data, 250GB night express data)
  • MyMTN Home 1000GB – R1,060 x 24 months (1000GB anytime)

Unfortunately, there is a rather big catch that MTN isn’t widely broadcasting. To accompany your data, you have to purchase a R2,000 fixed LTE router from MTN. There isn’t any word yet as to whether or not they intend to have the packages function properly with other routers.