The Caviar golden PlayStation 5 costs $500,000

Caviar is known for customising tech products with outlandish embellishments, like the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a piece of the Moon in it. While it has traditionally focused on phones, it has now announced the Golden Rock PlayStation 5 console which it is selling for a smooth $499,000. Only nine units will be made.

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According to the company, the console takes about four months to complete. Caviar has partnered with a jewellery contractor that specialises in working with gold. The PlayStation 5 console is covered with 4.5 kilograms of 18-carat gold, which is done by shaping eight separate sheets that are cast in solid gold into the unique geometric design and then mounted on the PS5.

The Dual Sense controllers will be covered in genuine crocodile leather that is dyed black. The touch pad in the middle of the controller also seems to be covered in gold, but that would presumably negate the touch features that the controller relies on. Perhaps the design of the controller isn’t quite complete as of yet. The company has received 1,342 applications to purchase one of these lavish consoles.

Caviar has also announced two, more ‘modest’ versions of the PS5 console. There will be ninety-nine units made of both the Carbon and Black Leather PS5 consoles that costs $5,830 and $8,140 respectively. The Carbon is covered in stealthy automotive grade carbon fibre, while the Black Leather is covered in the same crocodile leather as is found on the Golden Rock controller. Luckily, you get two controllers with the Carbon and Black Leather versions.

All three Caviar versions of the console are based on the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. There is still a worldwide shortage of PS5 consoles as Sony tries to catch up to demand. Its manufacturing in 2020 was delayed due to the global pandemic and it is still playing catch-up.