Huawei’s Petal Search is here

Chinese technology giant Huawei have announced that their Petal Search feature is now available for all of us in SA. The feature is a new development to Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem that was showcased at the Mate 40 Series launch event last week.

Petal Search is Huawei’s official search engine app that is now available in over 170 countries and regions and supports over 50 languages. It enables users to conveniently and instantly find out the information and services they need.

‘Petal Search offers search capabilities across more than 20 categories, including apps, news, videos, images, shopping, flights, and local business. It also develops and integrates various tools, such as weather, calculator, rate exchange and even paper query to help user easily obtain daily-used information. With the new update, the search experience is now visually richer. Search results are presented in information cards, as opposed to simple web links, to help users get this wealth of useful information instantly with just a few clicks.’

From a local point of view, some of the apps found include ABSA, Discovery Bank, DSTV Now, Showmax, Standard bank, Woolworth, Zando, Supersport and many more.

Petal Search leverages Huawei devices’ AI capabilities and allows users to search by taking photos or images through its visual search function. The feature intelligently recognises a wide range of objects such as people, animals, and landmarks, and will introduce new capabilities such as plants identification. A good example is when a user takes a photo of a dish, Petal Search will automatically provide the recipe.

There’s also a voice search feature that’s integrated as part of the app, supporting various languages such as English, Spanish, French, Arabic and more. Combined, all these features help Petal Search meet the needs of users accustomed to an efficient and mobile-centric lifestyle.

‘In addition, with the cooperation with global and local partners, Petal Search is vigorously developing local life search services, to provide users a rich location-based and scenario-based search experience. When user look up for local life content, Petal Search provides users with high-quality and most popular localized information, such as personalized recommendations or nearby foods, worth visiting local attractions, and shopping discounts.’

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