Saved by the Future to focus on innovations that will change our lives

CNN is all set to bring us a new three-part series called Saved by the Future and will feature some of the biggest names in science and technology. Together, the experts will shine the spotlight on breakthrough innovations that could transform our lives in decades to come. You can checkout the teaser trailer here.

According to the info we’ve managed to gather, in the first episode, host Nicki Shields introduces conversations with Bill Nye, Fabien Cousteau and Kathy Sullivan, three leading figures who transport us beyond the world as we know it and into the possibilities of the future.

Bill Nye (TV personality, climate change advocate and social media sensation) also known as “The Science Guy” speaks to CNN about his role in the future of sustainable space exploration. Nye is currently CEO of Planetary Society, a company that successfully launched its LightSail 2 spacecraft in 2019.

Interesting to note that said spacecraft is powered by solar winds from the sun which by design means it will never run out of fuel, nifty right? “If you want to go to another solar system, if you want to go to another star, a solar sail spacecraft is the only practical idea anybody has.” says Nye regarding the domino effect this science has had on the building blocks for future technology.

Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of renowned explorer Jacques Cousteau, sees the future of ocean exploration as resting on advancements in automation and underwater mobility, “I’m a firm believer that humans and technology must work together in order for us to really go further down that path of exploration and discovery. And one of the things that we’re missing is a modern undersea laboratory, a modern undersea habitat.”

Wrapping it up neatly is scientist and former NASA astronaut Kathy Sullivan, who earlier this year became the only person to have both walked in space and visited the deepest known point in the ocean.

“My dream would be that we can have usable information about our planet and its environmental conditions as readily at our fingertips as we have sports scores today.” says Sullivan as she explains to CNN that the oceans are in need of a major technological upgrade: while satellites in space are able to communicate a snapshot of the weather on earth, a networked ocean blanketed with sensors could help accurately understand the state of our earth months, even years, in advance.

Saved by the Future is all set for Saturday (17th October at 06:30 and 11:00) and Sunday (18th October at 03:30 and 18:00). Seems like an insightful and interesting watch, don’t miss it.