Guess who broke the YouTube record for views in 24 hours

There are various YouTube records that get broken time and time again, but others stick around for years. The new BTS music video is the first in YouTube history to hit 100 million views in less than 24 hours – a record that could stand for some time.

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The new single from the K-pop phenomenon is called “Dynamite” and outpaced the previous 24 hour record from Blackpink, who racked up 86.3 million views in the same amount of time. The new BTS music video also broke the record for the most-watched YouTube premiere, totalling more than 3 million simultaneous viewers at launch.

K-pop has a very loyal following around the world, and the biggest ‘bands’ garner millions of views every day on YouTube. It may be some time until the record for the most viewed video is broken, although BTS might be able to achieve it. The most viewed video on YouTube at the moment is Despacito, which currently has 6.9 billion views.

YouTube’s views measuring algorithm has changed recently and now only represent organic views. Previously it had included paid views in the count as well.