Sony’s electric Vision S gets one step closer to the streets with public tests

2020 has excelled in delivering the unexpected, and this year got off to a surprising start for petrol (ahem) heads when Sony – the brand perhaps best known in film, audio, television, and poorly named smartphones – took the wraps of the Vision S; its own electric car. At the time, Sony stated that the car was more a ‘demonstration’ of its technical prowess than a vehicle that was intended to make its way to real-life roads; but now the firm has confirmed that the car will face a series of public tests.

The brand announced today that the Vision S has “arrived in Tokyo for advancing our sensing and audio technologies. The prototype vehicle is also currently under development for public road testing this fiscal year.”

Does that mean the Vision S could one day enter production? Your guess is as good as ours. The car was initially proposed as a means to demonstrate Sony’s sound, audiovisual, and battery technology to established automakers – though that didn’t stop the Japanese company from creating some electric excitement with the news that the Vision S could touch 0-62mph (100kph) in just 4.8 seconds. It’s also capable of autonomously handling steering, acceleration, and braking so long as a driver is behind the wheel.

Beyond roadworthy specs, the Vision S also served to demonstrate Sony’s 360 Reality Audio through speakers found in each of the car’s headrests.

Sony isn’t the only brand displaying interest in electric vehicles. Apple, at one point, was working steadily on an electric car before scrapping development, while the likes of Tesla and other established brands such as BMW and Porsche have lept into the fray. Even Bugatti has recently debuted a quirky electric car of its own making.

What are your thoughts? Would you be willing to drive a car designed and manufactured by Sony? Let us know in the comments below.