Bugatti launches a new electric vehicle – and it’s not what you expect

Bugatti is perhaps known for producing some of the fastest and most prohibitively expensive cars on the planet, and the news that the brand has developed its own electric vehicle should be enough to get any automotive enthusiast room to pause; however, the brand’s latest EV is probably not what you’re expecting.

We use the word ‘latest’, because Bugatti actually introduced an electric vehicle as early as 1931 in the form of the Type 56 that could travel at a whopping top speed of 20mph (32kph). Though the vehicle was no speed freak, the incentive to purchase an electric vehicle at the time was thanks to the fact that it was far easier to start than a gasoline variant (among other benefits).

Bugatti’s latest EV, then, is called the Baby II – it’s a replica of the brand’s Type 35 and comes in at 75% of it’s forebears’ dimensions. It’s squarely aimed at rich kids who’re seeking to trip around their parent’s estates in style, then, as it comes equipped with a ‘novice mode’ and a top speed of 35mph (56kph).

Bugatti only intends to produce 500 units of the Baby II, and as you might have guessed, you won’t be paying 75% percent of the price. The standard model is set to retail for $35,000, while an aluminium version will set you back  $68,000 USD.

While the vehicle is designed as an enthusiast’s purchase, it’s interesting to note that on some level (at least), Bugatti is exploring electric vehicles. Other industry leads have continued to invest into researching electric vehicles – and while the likes of Porsche and Jaguar have driven ahead, other industry giants such as BMW have pursued interest in the concept as well.

What are your thoughts? Would you have any interest in an electric hobby car like the Baby II? Let us know in the comments below!