Microsoft officially rolls out its Family Safety app

Since expanding into iOS and embracing Android, Microsoft’s fortunes have undoubtedly turned for the better – the company now not only is able to punt its Microsoft 365 subscription across a whole new breadth of devices, but has further seen welcome reception for its useful range of productivity apps. Now, the firm’s latest endeavour unifies all of that goodwill under one banner in the form of a single app called Family Safety.

As you might have guessed, Family Safety is designed to monitor kids’ activity across the length and breadth of the devices (so long as they’re using Microsoft services). For example, using the app, parents are now able to monitor their child’s activity across not only Windows 10 and the Xbox, but further Android apps and games through Microsoft Edge.

Similarly to Google’s most recent foray into Digital Wellbeing, parents will be able to receive weekly reports of their children’s digital activities – and that includes a tally of time spent on games or academia. The service will further enable parents to set game or app time limits, and monitor requests for more screen time. Naturally, the service also adds the ability to block adult content across Windows devices and on Android.

The list of useful tools doesn’t just stop there – parents will also be able to approve or decline their child’s request for an in-app payment, and set up location tracking with the ability to save frequently visited places.

The app, which is now officially available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, is the latest effort from the Redmond company to promote its cross-device strategy. Notably, the firm shifted its approach following the slow demise of its own phone brand and operating system, Windows 10 Mobile.

What are your thoughts? Would you or your family have use for Microsoft’s Family Safety app? Let us know in the comments below.