Call of Duty: Warzone mid-season update to include 200-player matches

Since its launch, Call of Duty: Warzone has taken the Battle Royale genre by storm. It crossed 15 million players within four days of launch, and reportedly has between 50 and 70 million players per day now. We are well into Season 4 now and Infinity Ward is dropping a massive update on June 30th that is sure to freshen up the game with important tweaks.

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First and foremost, there will now be 200-player lobbies available when playing in Quads (4-player teams). A 200-player game was rumoured since we first caught wind of the COD Battle Royale game, but it will now be the first time so many players can drop into a single lobby. This means there will now be 50 teams fighting it out on the same map, so expect more intense and longer periods of fighting.

Other important updates include a new contract, called Supply Run, some weapon rebalances (a long awaited Grau 5.56 nerf perhaps), a new .50 caliber sniper rifle, new equipment and a brand new Juggernaut mode, among others.

In Juggernaut mode, there will be airdropped care packages that will allow players to become the Juggernaut with a mini-gun and high armour. Once a Juggernaut is defeated, a new care package will drop, giving someone else a chance to become the fearsome soldier. It is taking some ideas from games like Fortnite, but is sure to make the game feel fresh and new.

Notorious for its large updates, this Call of Duty: Warzone update will be 22-36GB in size, depending on your platform. In good news for console players, this update will actually decrease the total size of the game on your machine. It will decrease in size significantly more if you only play Warzone and not the full COD: Modern Warfare game – finally.

The update will become available tomorrow, 30 June at 8AM CAT.