Technology at the forefront of classroom learning

Schooling and general learning is taking a new approach across different countries, ours included, with technology being firmly at the forefront of that. This has been a known fact ever since various lockdown regulations were implemented in various countries.

And despite various schools in our country starting to open through a phased approach, most parents and students alike are still in favor of learning remotely mostly due to fears of acquiring the coronavirus otherwise. This in turn has presented a consistent interest in video and collaboration platforms all aimed at hosting classrooms online while connecting students and teachers remotely.

The problem arises when there’s a plethora of platforms to choose from and while some have seen overnight success, many local schools and parents harbor various concerns mostly centered around security and user-friendliness.

“Privacy-minded schools should consider their video-conferencing options carefully,” says Renaldo Muregess, who heads product strategy at managed business service provider Itec. “There is often a trade-off between security and usability when opting for a single platform, and schools should look at systems that support multiple software options while ensuring the online safety of staff and learners.”

Speaking of Itec, the company is said to be currently running a pilot project with a Jozi based school using cloud-based video conferencing provider StarLeaf. The two technology providers have lately been doing a lot of work together. Starleaf as a platform is said to ‘not only offer a more secure video-conferencing experience, but also allows users to connect across a range of platforms and can control bandwidth consumption per user, regardless of location or device, the existing tools they have in place.’ As we also use it periodically for conference calls, we’ve noticed that StarLeaf’s latest new features include the ability to integrate easily with Microsoft Teams.

The current situation poses numerous challenges for various industries, the education sector included. It looks like it’s going to take some time for things to settle back to normal (which we believe they will), till then there’s no doubt that fears will continue to be the norm with parents and students alike firmly being one of those. For all those, virtual learning seems to be the best solution so far and platforms such as StarLeaf and many others alike allow for that to take place not only swiftly but also securely. Easily another thing we have to thank tech for.