Rain building 1,500 5G towers to expand coverage

With data prices continuing to fall, the race to deliver the best and most affordable service is still on. Rain wants to carve out their own piece of the pie with compelling offers. To drive value in the future they want to invest heavily in the upcoming 5G revolution, and are planning to install 1,500 5G towers in the large metropolitan areas in South Africa.

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This is according to African Capital Investments, who said that Rain plans to deliver all these 5G towers by December 2021. The company created Africa’s first commercial 5G next-gen network in conjunction with Huawei Technologies, which launched in September 2019.

As at the end of April 2020 Rain had 447 5G towers, so it will be a big expansion in a relatively short period of time.

ARC Investments, the capital investment firm that owns a 27 percent stake in Rain, said that Rain’s strategy for continued growth is sound and the sustained growth it has seen in clients and data usage over the last year, especially since the advent of the novel coronavirus.

With the recent launch of their uncapped 4G contracts, they started offering unlimited usage at any time of day, which was different to previous offers. Speeds are throttled to 10Mbps and video streaming capped to 360p resolution. The proliferation of the 5G networks it intends to build may circumvent such limitations.

CEO Willem Roos said Rain “accelerated the go-live date” for the 24/7 unlimited 4G data offering in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and demand from consumers for internet access at home. “Those whose job allows them to work remotely should find the product a great help as it will remove the anxiety of uncertain, potentially high data costs,” he added.

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