It has been a long time coming. Finally, we know what the Sony PlayStation 5 looks like, and the company has revealed other details we weren’t expecting at yesterday’s PS5 games event. The Japanese company has definitely taken a different approach than Microsoft has with the upcoming Xbox Series X, even though they share most internal specs.

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Prior to this event we only knew what the DualSense controller looked like and some of the features it would bring. Now we have a full picture of the much-anticipated console, as well as some launch titles you can expect when it comes out towards the end of the year.

The new Sony PlayStation 5 is certainly eye-catching. As we thought when they controller was revealed, Sony has made a stark shift in its design language. Especially when you compare it to the ‘safe’ design of the PlayStation 4. The two tone design includes song blue accent lighting, the same as on the controller. The white (presumably) plastic shell wraps around the main black body, with the PlayStation logo in the top left corner.

There will be two different versions of the console. The standard PlayStation 5 includes a 4K Ultra-HD Bluray disc drive, which gives it an asymmetric design. There is then the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition as well, which foregoes the optical disc drive in favour of digital downloads only. This version will presumably be slight cheaper.


The company also revealed several accessories that be launched alongside the Sony PlayStation 5. All the official accessories that will work with the PS5 follows the same design language.

Firstly, they revealed an HD Camera setup that includes two cameras at 1080p, like the PS4 version did. It is aimed at livestreamers that can use it to show their face while streaming via the console, but it is also expected that it could be used for VR and other motion-based games and experiences.

There is also an official PlayStation Pulse 3D wireless headset that is capable of delivering 3D audio as well as noise-cancellation in the earphones and the microphones.

Sony also revealed the Media Remote for people that like to use their PlayStation as a media hub. It will make controlling your console for TV streaming services and other media purposes a lot easier – no more tedious typing with the controller.

There is also a wireless charging hub where you can plop two DualSense controllers to charge without needing to plug in any cables.

Unfortunately we don’t have any pricing or exact launch dates yet.

What do you think of the design of the Sony PlayStation 5? Let us know in the comments below.