Google Photos updates share feature for better control

In the past, sharing your pictures from your Google Photos account prompted you with a share link, which you pass onto the intended recipient. However, if that link was intercepted by another party you could be sharing your beloved images unwittingly.

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From now on, if you want to share a Google Photos album with someone else, you will invite a specific person who will have to view it through their own Google account. The link option is still available, but no longer the default.

To make the process safe as you see fit, you can enable or disable the link sharing option. You can also decide whether or not others can contribute to what you’ve shared with them, i.e. more than just viewing rights. If someone you gave contribution rights to is removed from the folder, anything they added to that folder will then be removed.

Google Photos direct album sharing GIF

This features comes as a natural extension of Google’s direct sharing feature that was launched introduced towards the end of last year. It allows you to send singular photos or videos to others and creates a shared place where people can chat about them.

If you choose to share an album with someone they will receive an email and notification through Google Photos. This album will also appear in the ‘Sharing’ tab on their Google Photos app.

Of course, these features aren’t meant to replace any other texting or messaging apps you may use, which can still make use of the link option. But it does create a more centralised place where your photos and videos can be shared with friends and family and discussions about them can remain.

Do you use Google Photos? Would you make use of this new feature coming soon? Let us know in the comments below.