Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 design leaked with renders

While the original Samsung Galaxy Fold had its technical issues and wasn’t the revolution some expected the first major manufacturer foldable to be, it still served as a showcase of what’s to come. The foldable industry is starting to go mainstream, and in 2020 the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could lead the charge.

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After Samsung launched the original Fold they turned their attention to the Galaxy Z Flip, which was largely much better received. The jury is still out on which form factor will win over the hearts and minds of consumers, but the case could be made for both. Motorola also got in the game with the nostalgia driven Motorola RAZR foldable.

It’s been more than a year since the original Fold was announced, so Samsung seems to be taking their time with the successor and making sure it doesn’t have the same issues as the original. The launch is coming, though, and new renders have surfaced detailing what it could look like using leaks, schematics and rumours of the device.

The renders of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 look quite different to the original in key areas. It doesn’t have the massive notch in the top right corner of the internal display, replaced with a regular punch-hole notch.

Most importantly, the outer display has been completely revamped. Gone is that small, awkwardly proportioned, narrow front display that was very difficult to use like a regular smartphone display – it has been replaced by what looks like a more conventional form factor. This is obviously what it was meant to do, as you are unfolding a ‘normal’ sized smartphone into a tablet with the Fold. But using that tiny front display felt nothing like using a regular smartphone.

There have been rumours for quite some time that the Fold would eventually replace the Galaxy Note range, and it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will come with an S-Pen included. I’ve argued for some time that we don’t need the Galaxy Note anymore, so this would make a lot of sense in my book.

We’re not sure when we can expect the Fold 2 to be announced, but we look forward to seeing where the foldable market goes in 2020.