Samsung’s foldable flip phone may be called the Galaxy Flip

It looks like Samsung isn’t too particular about using the Fold name for every single device that is going to have a foldable display. New rumours indicate that Samsung will be calling the upcoming foldable clamshell flip phone the Galaxy Flip, rather than the previously indicated Fold 2.

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This makes sense, as Samsung probably wants to differentiate between its different foldables as they take on different form factors. The Galaxy Fold folds open to turn a relatively normal-sized smartphone form factor into a larger tablet-sized device, whereas the Galaxy Flip folds closed to turn a normal-sized smartphone into a small, pocketable mobile device.

As with all rumours, take it with a grain of salt. However, it has come from a historically reliable source.

We are expecting the Galaxy Flip to debut alongside the upcoming Galaxy S flagship range of smartphones on February 11th. The other possibility is for Samsung to launch it at Mobile World Congress towards the end of February.

The new Moto RAZR foldable clamshell has the same form factor, of course. While Samsung made some really successful flip phones, the Moto RAZR was infamously the best of best and there is a lot of nostalgia with the launch of the new version. It will be interesting to see if Samsung can garner the same response.

The other unknown is at what price point Samsung will be selling this device for. The Moto RAZR foldable flip phone costs $1,500, which is a lot for a first gen smartphone with mediocre specs. If Samsung packs the latest hardware into the device it could possibly be more expensive, closer to the $2,000 range of the Galaxy Fold.

Whatever the case may be, we hope 2020 will be the year that foldable smartphones become ever more common and the prices drop to a point that makes it a reasonable choice for people other than the first adopters and the rich and curious.