Samsung to launch Galaxy S11 phones on February 11th

It is that time of the year again. CES 2020 kicks off today, promising innovative and inventive technology, and we’re a mere month away from the new Samsung Galaxy S11 launch.

An official Unpacked Event invitation has gone out to members of the press, confirming the launch date to be February 11th. We have been getting Galaxy S11 leaks for months, but unlike prior years, Samsung has been able to keep certain details of the new flagship range secret.

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The Korean firm plans to show off “new, innovative devices that will shape the next decade of mobile experiences” in San Francisco next month. While we are pretty sure it will be called the Galaxy S11 (and other derivatives like S11+ and S11e), some sources claim Samsung might jump to the year of its launch and call the new flagship the Galaxy S20.

Reading between the lines with Samsung’s launch date announcement it seems we might be getting something more than just the usual flagship updates. For months now we have seen leaks and renders of Samsung’s clamshell foldable phone, very much like the Moto RAZR launched towards the end of 2019.

Some have speculated that the squarish box replacing the second “A” in the image above represents that very device when it’s closed. This won’t be the successor or replacement of the current Galaxy Fold, although we do expect it to also adorn the Fold name. Presumably Samsung will release an updated version of the much aligned original Fold, improved with lessons learned from the disaster in 2019.

Whatever the case may be, we are very excited to see what changes Samsung brings to the Galaxy S11 after great offerings in recent months from Apple and Huawei in the flagship range.