Amazfit HomeStudio is a treadmill paired to a smart mirror

As expected, CES 2020 is giving us a lot of fitness focused products and concepts. From fitness wearables and attire, to equipment meant for the home for a full workout. Now, AmazeFit is partnering with Live.Studio, a start-up that offers on-demand running classes. Their solution for home fitness is called the Amazfit HomeStudio, which will try to make the mundane indoor run a lot more engaging.

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This new home gym combines AI, streaming classes and a treadmill to help you attain your fitness goals without needing to leave the home.

The setup has three distinct components – a large 43-inch smart monitor with high resolution which is called THE GLASS, a JBL surround sound speaker configuration and the treadmill, of course. According to company there are two models, the more premium one using slat belt technology and reaching up to 20 km/h. The lesser version is smaller (and therefore cheaper), which is foldable for smaller spaces in the home and reaches a top speed of about 15 km/h.

The AmazFit Homestudio comes with 3D time-of-flight camera that the system’s computer vision will use to keep an eye on your posture and technique. When you want to start your class, you turn on the smart monitor and select one of the 1,000 classes across a wide variety of different exercises. These classes also include ones that don’t need the treadmill, with some offering yoga, stretching classes and the like.

There are already several similar products in the market, the most notable being Peloton. Peloton is most well-known for their similar approach to spinning classes from the home, but they have also launched a treadmill-based system with a similar offering to the AmazFit HomeStudio.

While Amazfit haven’t announced what the pricing will be, but have promised that it “will delight” potential customers.