Our 5 biggest stories of 2019

As we look back at the end of another year, 2019 was a calendar shaped by interesting, intuitive, and considered milestones that will pave the way for a brave new decade of exploration, innovation, iteration, and discovery – and to sum up the year, we’re taking a look back at our five biggest stories this year.

LG Q60 Review: Affordably Good

In South Africa, budget phones continue to impress and shape the market in the shadow of where flagship giants roam – and perhaps unsurprisingly, one of our review highlights this year was getting our hands on the LG Q60. As our own Theunis van Rensburg opined, the Q60 represents “a very solid device for an extremely affordable price that should make it an automatic option if you are looking for a phone of this class.”

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Checkers launches Sixty60: A new one-hour delivery service

Checkers surprised us all this year by revealing a delivery service named Sixty60, which will allow users to order groceries in 60 seconds, and have them delivered in 60 minutes. The concept, which will battle the likes of UberEats and Mr D locally, has already made landfall in some South African suburbs.

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Huawei P30 Review: The Unfair Advantage

One of this year’s most anticipated releases was the Huawei P30, which was the last major device the Chinese company was able to issue prior to falling victim to the US-China trade war. As Theunis opined at the time, the P30 came to represent “a truly impressive piece of smartphone design, both in quantity and quality of all the underlying pieces. From a brilliant and beautiful build quality, to a top notch display, the best battery life of any flagship as well as most likely the best all-round smartphone camera package available today, the P30 Pro is worth every cent you’re going to pay for it.”

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Elon Musk Tweets Using Starlink For the First Time

SpaceX is determined to bring fast, affordable internet to people around the world with their Starlink project – an ambitious initiative to use a constellation of the small satellites in orbit that connect and communicate in order to deliver internet across the world without the need to lay massive, expensive undersea cables.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO,  announced that the concept was in working order – sending the first tweet from the internet connection supplied by the system.

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We Don’t Need the Samsung Galaxy Note Anymore

Bigger and better flagship smartphones has meant that the once-impervious reign of the phablet might be at its end. As we said earlier this year, the Samsung Galaxy S10 range – and the forthcoming S11 – might well eclipse future Galaxy Notes – leaving foldables to take its place in the market.

As we said earlier this year – R.I.P Galaxy Note. We’ll see you in the next life.

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