Facebook prepares new facial recognition features to verify its users

Of late, Facebook can’t seem to find a controversy that it can’t put its foot into further – and after months of having not only its CEO Mark Zuckerberg put under scrutiny before the media and even US Congress over privacy concerns but further facing additional suspicion thanks to its lofty goals with its Libra token, insiders have now revealed that Facebook is actively working on a facial recognition feature that could be used to identify its users when they sign into the service.

The news might not be too surprising at a hardware level – given that the company recently unveiled its revised range of Portal devices and has in the past attempted to weigh into the smartphone market – but new reports suggest that this time around the feature may work on the social network’s core online services.

According to tipsters, the feature will become enabled after users make the choice to upload a 30-second selfie video of themselves looking in various directions; the video itself would be deleted by Facebook within 30 days, and the company would apparently only maintain mathematical and mapping data associated to each facial profile.

Of course, what’s important to consider is that Facebook (arguably) already has the most sophisticated facial recognition library on the planet, given that the company already indexes and sorts user photos for profile matches to service its Photo Tagging feature.

The facial recognition service could feasibly be put to use on the company’s core social platform – which more latterly adopted multiple sign-in capabilities – but might further be used within the firm’s range of applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram. WhatsApp for Android benefitted from biometric access features within the last two weeks, where users can now unlock the app with their fingerprint.

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