The new Moto RAZR has the winning foldable formula

New Moto RAZR 3

It is official – Motorola is bringing back the Moto RAZR! Forgive my giddiness, but I have fond memories of my early smartphone experience with the original. A company executive has confirmed that the new Moto RAZR is coming, but we have no timelines as of yet.

What is more interesting is that rumours point to it being the clamshell of old, but it will have a full length foldable display. With leaks and rumours being put together, renders are now starting to appear to give us a glimpse into what it could potentially look like.

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And again, I’m giddy with excitement if these images are anything close to what we can truly expect. Let us know if you would enjoy a fully foldable clamshell smartphone in the comments below!