WhatsApp officially rolls out the ability to delete messages

WhatsApp has officially enabled the ability for users to delete their text messages within seven minutes of them having been sent.

While WhatsApp users have been able to ‘delete’ messages for some time, users have only been able to erase their copy of a message – leaving text or other media as visible to other parties involved in a conversation.
Now the instant messaging giant has revealed ‘Delete for Everyone’ – a new tool which allows users to recall sent messages in their entirety on either Android, iOS, or on Windows Phone.
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The feature allows users to venture into a chat, tap and hold the message they wish to erase, and then select “Delete for Everyone”. Users can further select multiple different messages and erase them at their pleasure.
There are, however, some catches. Firstly, users will only be able to delete messages in their entirety should they opt to do so within seven minutes of the message having been sent, and other participants in conversations will see an alert reading ‘This message was deleted’ in its place.
Lastly, the feature requires that all parties in a conversation use the latest version of WhatsApp for the changes to reflect in either a personal or group chat.
The feature is presently rolling out to devices around the globe, and should become available across operating systems throughout the week.
The update comes amidst major changes for WhatsApp’s core platform, which will soon allow small-to-medium businesses (as well as large enterprises) connect with consumers through verified chat accounts in the service.
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