Live Location tracking rolls out in WhatsApp for iOS and Android

WhatsApp has introduced the ability to track a contact’s whereabouts in real time thanks to Live Location tracking, which is now rolling out to Android and iOS devices.

WhatsApp has had a bumper past two years filled with numerous updates that have expanded the service in multiple directions, and now one latent feature has arrived on the service in the form of Live Location tracking.
As we’ve previously reported, Live Location is a new feature within the app that will allow contacts to track one another’s whereabouts in real time. The ability, which leverages end-to-end encryption to secure all traffic, allows friends and family to monitor the location of their loved ones within WhatsApp.
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Though some might shudder at the thought of such an invasion of privacy, the option is entirely consensual – users can opt to ‘Share Live Location’ with either individual contacts or a group. Should multiple users in a group share their location, they will all be visible on one cohesive map.
The ability should come in useful for commuters meeting up on a long journey, or for situations where one needs to be kept abreast of a group’s location when out in the open. Users have the ability to tailor for how long they wish their location to remain visible.
WhatsApp today announced that it has activated the feature remotely, meaning that iOS and Android users around the world should be able to access the app’s newfound abilities within the course of the day.
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What are your thoughts? Do you plan to use Live Location tracking, or would you rather give the feature a miss? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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