Inside iflix Africa's vibey, colourful new Cape Town headquarters

iflix Africa has cemented their new headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa – where employees are encouraged to be brave, curious, playful, simple and real.

iflix – the Malaysian video-on-demand service that’s made waves in emerging markets – has now set up its new regional head office, dubbed The Playground, in a sprawling 624m2 division in the mother city of Cape Town within Century City.
The firm has cemented itself in Cape Town in its preparation to tackle multiple African markets – including not only South Africa, but further Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe in a move that will increase the service’s footprint to some 24 countries.
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Speaking to MyBroadband, Mark Brit – iflix CEO – offered that “The establishment of iflix Africa represents an incredibly exciting step in iflix’s growth story. There is a unique, once-in-a-generation opportunity to shift the way a billion people consume and enjoy content”. 
iFlix Cape Town Offices
With its new offices, iflix incorporates a mindful design sense designed to echo the company’s own tao; that employees should be free to be brave, be curious, be playful, be simple and be real.
Kathryn Mechie, regional PR & Communications manager for iflix, offered that the open-plan office allows for “free-flowing communication and brainstorming, ensuring all departments are fully integrated with no regimented seating plan.
iFlix Cape Town Offices
Faux grass lines the floor to cater to the mindful meditation classes that are integrated in to iflix’s working life to ensure psychological wellbeing. When peace of mind is not the objective, personal pride is at stake on the fiercely competitive ping pong table. With so many distractions it is a surprise that any work gets done.
iFlix Cape Town Offices
From the outside garden to scattered beanbags, employees are able to work in a dynamic environment changing the ethos of the 9-5 grind. This stimulating environment embodies the values that allow iflix and its employees to think creatively and remain passionate about their mission of changing the way 1billion consumers enjoy entertainment.”
iFlix Cape Town Offices Outside
Mechie outlined that The Playground’s meeting rooms are filled with movie posters – from Will Ferrell’s “very corporate” Anchorman through to the Korean hit series Goblin – while the walls of the office walkway have been given a local feel, boasting the work of prominent artist Nardstar.
iFlix Cape Town Offices
iflix recently acquired US$133m (about R1.8bn) in new funding led by US media giant Hearst, and looks to tackle the developing South African market in the months to come.

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