Lenovo and Disney team up to tease Star Wars – Jedi Challenges, a new VR title

Disney has revealed that it has co-created a VR system alongside Lenovo dubbed Star Wars – Jedi Challenges, which will pit players in a galaxy far, far away.

Let’s be honest – if there’s a franchise that can – in all likelihood – ship not only its own game but further its own virtual reality headset, it’s Star Wars. At least, that’s the hope of both Disney and Lenovo as both brands have teamed up to reveal Star Wars – Jedi Challenges.
Disney revealed this weekend that it has teamed up with Lenovo to offer a new hardware platform for gamers comprised of a unique VR headset, a lightsaber controller, and a companion app available for smartphones.
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The system will ship with the intent of offering consumers experiences such as HoloChess – Dejarik to Star Wars fundis – and lightsaber battles, and though no further details in this regard have been confirmed, it is likely that we may see more content in the future.
The VR headset will function through a mobile device – similarly to Samsung’s Galaxy VR unit, for example – though neither Disney nor Lenovo have confirmed a list of compatible devices.
The headset at present is scheduled to become available for purchase in both Best Buy and in Lenovo’s online stores, and we’re awaiting word to see whether the device will be available in international markets beyond the United States.
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If you haven’t already boarded the hype train, here’s a teaser from both brands:

What are your thoughts? Will you be in line to pick up your own headset to dive into Jedi Challenges? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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