LG is set to announce the LG G6 Pro and G6 Plus for South Korea

LG has announced that its flagship smartphone will be bolstered by a G6 Pro and G6 Plus variant in South Korea to help expand LG Pay.

If you love LG’s G6, we have some good news for you – we could see two new flagship efforts from the company in South Korea; namely, LG is slated to announce the LG G6 Pro and LG G6 Plus in South Korea.
The news sees a new spin on LG’s traditional ‘family’ strategy, which in the past has pinned the flagship G with a ‘Beat’ variant and a ‘Stylus’ device.
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South Korean media reports that each device will be widely available in the brand’s home country at launch, though there’s little information as to whether the marque plans to issue an international roll-out of the devices in the near future.
According to rumours, the LG G6 Plus will arrive with 128GB of native storage and wireless charging capabilities, while it the LG G6 Pro will instead include a lesser 32GB of internal storage.
In terms of pricing, it is alleged that the LG G6 Plus would retail for $890 USD, while the G6 Pro would set consumers back around $715 USD.
It remains to be seen what form each device could take. It is imagined that the LG G6 Plus might live up to its name and adopt a larger form factor to tackle the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and iPhone 7 Plus, though there has been little statement issued about what the LG G6 Pro could come to represent.
The smartphones are expected to launch with the view of increasing the reach of LG Pay, the eponymous brand’s payment service which rivals Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.
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What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in purchasing either of these variants over the standard LG G6? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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