Google's AlphaGO AI deposes Ke Jie, the world's number one Go player

Google’s AlphaGO AI has successfully beaten Ke Jie, the world’s number one Go player, in the first game of a three-part series.

Google’s march towards AI supremacy continues today, as the company’s AlphaGo AI successfully defeated Ke Jie – the world’s number one Go player – in the first game of a three-part match.
For the uninitiated, Go is a strategy board game intended for two players that hails from ancient China. The object of the game is to surround more territory than one’s opponent.
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Google’s AlphaGO AI came to light almost a year ago, when it beat South Korean Go player Lee Se-dol four to one.
The match against Ke Jie saw AlphaGo clinch victory by just half a point, though this appears to be a characteristic of its playing style, as the AI will prefer to win by any margin rather than a huge majority.
Ke Jie and AlphaGo are set for a rematch this Thursday, while the players will have their final bout on Saturday. Friday, however, will see the AI pushed to its limits as it will be forced to tackle five professional Go players simultaneously.
AlphaGo’s victory comes as the premier effort of Google’s AI research. The Mountain View company continues to develop Google Assistant, in amongst other research projects into artificial intelligence, for use by general consumers.
The company issued a broad release of Google Assistant earlier this year to all Android smartphones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, and the company announced the arrival of Assistant on iOS at this year’s I/O developer conference.
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