WhatsApp adds a redesigned video calling option, encrypted iCloud backups

WhatsApp has enabled a dedicated video calling button in chats on Android, while iOS users now benefit from encrypted chat backups.

WhatsApp unveiled video calling late last year in amidst a slew of new features, and as of today, there are an average of 55 million video calls made each day on the platform. Now, for the first time since its debut, the Facebook-owned company has redeveloped the tool through a simple redesign.
Android users will now find a dedicated video calling button available in chat menus, through which they can quickly launch a video or voice call. The redesign moves the button into greater context – a choice WhatsApp has grappled with in recent weeks as it attempts to balance the introduction of new features such as Snapchat-style image editing.
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Video and voice calling features end-to-end encryption – and while iOS users have yet to benefit from the app’s subtle redesign, though another new feature has – as a result – come to light: iPhone users now benefit from encrypted iCloud backups, ensuring that their archived chats are safe.
The feature has actually been around for some time without anyone’s knowledge, but was recently updated after a firm named Oxygen Forensics successfully bypassed it.
Given the fact that WhatsApp and Telegram both suffered security setbacks thanks to a loophole found in their respective Web clients, the former company will have to watch its back considering that as of Facebook’s most recent report, the service now boasts 1.2 billion monthly active users.
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