WhatsApp reportedly begins testing new Snapchat Stories-style feature, called Status

WhatsApp has reportedly begun testing its own derivative of Snapchat’s Stories feature named Status, where users can share mood-setting pictures and videos.

It’d seem Facebook just can’t get enough of copying Snapchat – beyond introducing Stories to Instagram or its own Messenger Day features, the company has now reportedly begun testing a story feature on WhatsApp, supposedly called Status.
The new feature was spotted by BGR India, wherein registered beta testers discovered Status sharing.
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Status reportedly adds a tab on the main WhatsApp message screen in-between ‘Chats’ and ‘Calls’, where users will be able to create a channel of Snapchat-style stories comprised of both images and videos overlaid with either scribbles or text.
Seeing as the company recently debuted Snapchat-style image editing, it’d be well positioned to shift these tools into its own Stories derivative.
Stories shared on WhatsApp will be visible to a user’s WhatsApp contacts – specifically, users can opt to share their capture with either all their contacts or a specific few, while stories themselves will expire past twenty-four hours.
Reportedly, WhatsApp’s new Status feature would not replace the classic text-based status option found in a user’s account settings. This leaves us to believe that ‘Status’ in itself might be a working title.
The new platform could also be a ripe way for advertisers to launch onboard WhatsApp; while the app has always remained steadfastly against integrating adverts, the company’s new Terms of Service outline a new data-sharing arrangement with Facebook wherein users give consent for companies to contact them directly.
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It remains to be seen whether WhatsApp’s new Status feature will prove successful; while Instagram’s Stories feature has proved successful, the news that WhatsApp plans to enter the arena could well oversaturate a blossoming market.
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What are your thoughts on WhatsApp’s reported plans to tackle not only Snapchat, but Instagram and Messenger? What platform would you rather use to share videos or images of your day-to-day? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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