E3 2016’s first day saw a battery of announcements from Bethesda and EA; here are our top 5 takeaways from day one!

E3 got underway yesterday in Los Angeles and it was an action-packed first day, with a stream of demos courtesy of the two studios on show: Bethesda and EA.
We’ve put together the biggest gaming news from both press conferences for your convenience. Enjoy.

Andromeda looks tasty

Looking for freedom of exploration and more choice than ever before? Then you’ll be excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda. 
Andromeda has made an appearance at E3 courtesy of a gameplay trailer, and it looks stunning. There’s a brand new cast of characters to enjoy, though familiar races will reappear, including the Asari and Krogan.
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In the trailer, there’s a shot of the famous N7 suit at the 00:42 mark, stunning realized facial animation a moment later, plenty of Mako goodness and even a snippet of third-person shooting, which looks as if it might be taken from the real campaign.

As trailers go, this is a goodie, packed with what we think is in-game footage.

FIFA 17 gets a story mode!

I saw this news early this morning and I had to rub my eyes repeatedly to believe it was true.
Yes, FIFA 17 is getting a full-fledged story mode entitled The Journey. It follows the life and career of Alex Hunter, a young player who works his way up through the leagues to – hopefully – Premier League star status.
It all depends on how well you control young Hunter on the pitch, of course, and the story will presumably react to the way you play. There’s going to be Mass Effect-style dialogue wheels (can you believe it?!) and the trailer even features footage of a very lifelike Jose Mourinho on the touchline.
Real coaches too, did you say?

Suddenly, we can’t wait for September.

Dishonored 2 looks beautiful 

Bethesda showed off a world-first gameplay demo of Dishonored 2, a sequel to 2011 stealth-action sleeper hit
The video tantalises a great deal, including two playable protagonists and gory assassinations galore.
One of the most interesting takeaways from the video the way the game actually looks. The original Dishonored looked striking enough with a unique, disjointed art style, but it was technically pretty average. Dishonored 2 looks set to rewrite that with stunning graphics that marry the signature comic book flourishes with a grounded, real-world aesthetic. This is definitely a Dishonored game then, only its now wrapped up in a richer, vastly more detailed world where verisimilitude is the order of the day.

Colour us impressed.

An Elder Scrolls remaster is confirmed

This was more or less common knowledge before E3, but it’s nice to see Bethesda confirm the rumour. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is receiving the remaster treatment for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will launch later this year.

Check out the video for comparison shots between the original and the remaster. Legions of Skyrim fans will be doubtlessly lining up for this one.

Prey 2 is in the works – but it’s not a sequel

Prey is being re-imagined for new audiences after a ten-year hiatus. This, then, is not the Prey 2 we heard rumours of in 2014, but a new game entirely.
The original Prey had bags of promise, a cool world, but limited room for exploration. The sequel/reimagining/remake is set to change all that, with what GameSpot describes as ‘one large area you can revisit and explore.’ 

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What are your thoughts on the reveals seen from the first day of E3 2016? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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