Shrug, ROFL, Face Palm: We're about to get 72 more Emoji

The Unicode Technical Committee has approved 72 new emoji will be added to Unicode 9.0, which will roll out in June of 2017.

Emoji are frankly bizarre. We tend to pick out our favourites and use them repetitively in our digital lives, ignoring a plethora of weird symbols which lurk at the back end of our keyboards. Rejoice, then, because we’re about to get 72 new emoji in addition to all the ones we don’t already use.
The Unicode Technical Committee – the body that determines which new emoji will be added to the next version of unicode – has approved 72 new characters out of 77 candidates.
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The 72 new emoji which have been accepted for inclusion into Unicode 9.0 will release in June of 2017, though the Committee reserves the right to remove or changes their name prior to that date.
The new batch includes some fun (and once again bizarre) additions. Many are reflective of modern internet slang, such as Rolling On the Floor Laughing (or as we prefer, ROFL) while others depict behaviour not yet captured in emoji form.
Among the new additions, we’re set to get the surefire addition of the Shrug, in addition to Face Palm.
Among the more odd additions include a drooling face, a man in a tuxedo, a martial arts uniform, and, just to please Kim Kardashian, a selfie emoji.
After the official release, smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft will have the option to add the new emoji into their own software, from which point each company will need to introduce the new set of 72 to the public through a software update.
You can browse the new additions here
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