Brian May of Queen is producing his own VR headset

Is this the real life, or is this just virtual reality? Guitarist Brian May of Queen fame is set to release his own VR headset.

Is VR a kind of magic? Alright, we’ll stop, though it certainly seems Brian May (legendary guitarist of Queen fame) is enthralled.
May announced today that he is set to release his own custom version of Google Cardboard, named the Owl VR kit, with the added advantages of “working with any smartphone” and bearing “fully adjustable focus” over its standard forebear.
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May, who is both a musician and a Doctor of Astrophysics, presided over the announcement of his latest creation, which will arrive in a special folio case.
Speaking at the event, May stated his belief that “Ultimately VR will change the world because you’ll be able to build everything that you love and cherish in the virtual world. You’ll feel like you can touch and hear and interact with them. VR could advance to the point where you feel a tug, a sort of nostalgia, a feeling that you’ve lost something because you’ve fallen in love with the virtual world. Eventually, I think people won’t want to come out.”
May’s comments are a perplexing matter when one considers the ubiquity of Google Cardboard’s base materials – not to mention the basic experience such a headset offers – though the guitarist’s interest in virtual reality comes after he assisted in the production of the Owl stereoscope, which converts still images into quaint 35mm film.
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What are your thoughts on Brian May’s latest creation? Would you be willing to purchase the Owl VR Kit, or would you rather stick to standard Google Cardboard? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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Source: London Stereoscopic Company