MIT's new second skin cream actually makes wrinkles disappear

A new second skin cream developed by MIT allows its wearers to hide wrinkles, blemishes, scars and more through a cross-linked polymer layer.

We’ve all seen those notorious “the beauty industry hates her!” adverts at least once, but new research from MIT has amounted to a second skin cream that can actually disguise wrinkles, blemishes and more.
The cream, which is known as an XPL (cross linked polymer layer) is a silicon-based application that is applied in stages.
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Firstly, a wearer applies a transparent cream that contains a polymer, and works in into their skin. Secondly, the wearer then applies a catalyst that binds the cream to their skin, CNET reports.
While MIT’s second skin cream might sound like a godsend for those who’re desperate to turn back the clock, the application doesn’t last forever.
The cream lasts an estimated 24 hours, and is resistant to both water and rubbing. Underlying skin will further remain hydrated, negating any nasty side effects.
While one obvious application for the cream is to hide wrinkles or blemishes, the research team behind the technology can foresee its use as either a moisturiser or a preventative measure to minimise UV exposure.
Startup Olivo Labs is now developing the cream for medical uses, meaning that we could see the second skin cream used to treat the visibility of burns or dermatitis in the very near future.
With any about of luck, the future should have far less “stop aging now!” ads in it that anyone predicted.
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You can watch an MIT news bulletin on the development of the second skin cream below:

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Source: CNET