SpaceX spacesuits set to be designed by Jose Fernandez

Legendary costume designer Jose Fernandez, who worked on Tron: Legacy, has been hired to produce SpaceX spacesuits for future missions.

Fancy looking straight outta Tron? Jose Fernandez, the costume designer behind feature films such as Oblivion and Iron Man, has been hired to produce SpaceX spacesuits for the company’s future missions.
Fernandez, in an interview with Bleep, cited that SpaceX had hired him to design a suit.
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Previously, Elon Musk himself has offered comment on the designs for SpaceX spacesuits going forward, citing that “Our spacesuit design is finally coming together and will also be unveiled later this year. We are putting a lot of effort into design aesthetics, not just utility. It needs to both look like a 21st century spacesuit and work well.”
In the interview, Fernandez cited that he was pressured to produce a full suit within two weeks, stating that “(We) had two weeks to present the suit to him (Musk) and I told them I couldn‘t do a full suit in two weeks but that I may be able to do a helmet. There were four other companies working on bids as well and at the end of the process, he hated everything except the helmet. I worked with him for six months and at the end of that, we created a suit that they are now reverse-engineering to make functional for flight.”
Let’s hope that future SpaceX spacesuits are designed for function first, and form second. Fernandez’ design is set to be unveiled towards the end of the year ahead of the agency’s plans to send its personnel into orbit.
While we’ve yet to see a teaser of what the agency’s space suits could look like, we could, in future, have astronauts that look closer to the likes of Tron than what NASA used to put Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon.
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