Sirin Labs AG teases a $20,000 USD smartphone

A British-Israeli startup, named Sirin Labs AG, has teased a smartphone that will be unveiled in May this year and retail for a whopping $20,000 USD

We’ve seen plans and designs for the ‘next generation smartphone’ before, but British-Israeli startup Sirin Labs AG looks set to either break hearts or wallets next month with the release of its first product – a $20,000 USD smartphone.
Touted as a device which will offer users ‘unprecedented levels of technology and security’, Sirin Labs AG has clarified that it has raised an enormous $72 million USD in private funds to develop and launch its first device.
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The device, named the Solarin, will be released to the general public – and aimed at executives – next month in May, and will be followed by the company’s first physical store which will open in London in the same month.
Sirin co-founder Moshe Hogeg stated in an official release that “(Our) smartphone …brings the most advanced technology available – even if it is not commercially available – and combining it with almost military-grade security.”
Perhaps ironically the, it has been established that the device will run on Android.
This isn’t the first occasion we’ve seen a device touted for its security: the BlackBerry Priv retails on the same premise, while the Turing Phone, a next-generation smartphone concept, recently dropped Google’s Android OS in favour of Sailfish.
Sirin Labs AG clarified that the concept for the device originated after one of it’s backer’s – investor Kenges Rakish – phones was hacked in 2013.
In this light, the company set about to manufacture its own product after founder Hogeg established that there were “…no good solutions that combined high-end technologies with maximum security.”
You can visit the official website of Sirin Labs AG here
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Source: Reuters