LG G5 se debuts in Russia

Not to be outdone, the LG G5 se has been quietly launched in Russia, and features toned down specifications in comparison to its flagship counterpart.

LG’s flagship G series has traditionally been accompanied by a smaller ‘mini’ variant: the LG G3 was accompanied by the G3 Beat, and the G4 similarly so with the G4 Beat. Now, the LG G5’s smaller counterpart, the LG G5 se, has been launched in Russia.
The move sees a break in LG‘s naming strategy; the company was rumoured several weeks ago to have trademarked the term ‘LG G5 se’ following the release of Apple’s iPhone SE.
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Regardless of the change in nomenclature, the LG G5 se continues LG’s tradition of introducing a smaller, more affordable variant of its main flagship to satisfy consumers in the mid-range of the market.
What remains remarkable is that in comparison to both the G3 and G4 Beat, LG have decided to launch the smaller variant of its flagship with little fanfare this time around.
The smaller G5 is largely similar to its flagship compatriot, with three key changes; namely, a Snapdragon 652 processor, 3GB of RAM instead of 4GB, and 3G in place of 4G LTE.
The device will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow on arrival, and LG have not yet announced which territories the G5 se will arrive in beyond Russia.
It is likely the the device will make a local arrival in South Africa, as LG has set a precedent of bringing both the G3 and G4 Beat to our shores in the recent past.
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What are your thoughts on the G5 se? Would you purchase this over other contenders in the mid-range market? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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