Anonymous declares war on Donald Trump

Somebody’s not making any friends; hacktivist collective Anonymous has declared total war on Donald Trump, with the hope of halting his presidential bid.

Anonymous have had a busy 2016 so far; first hacking certain South African government websites, and now moving to declare total war on Donald Trump, citing the presidential candidate’s views as ‘appalling’ and his campaign as ‘hateful’.
In a new video posted to YouTube, the group has expressed their desire to halt Trump’s presidential bid by exposing embarrassing information.
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Trump has been targeted, according to Anonymous, for his inconsistent and hateful campaign (which) has not only shocked the United States of America, (but has) shocked the entire planet with your appalling actions and ideas.”
The collective has asked for help across the internet using the #OpTrump hashtag, appealing to hacktivists to target on the 1st of April. Further, the group plans to attack Trump-owned sites such as,, and
So far, the collective have begun to make good on their promises, having posted as-yet unverified information about Trump and his close staff, including the presidential candidate’s social security number.
This isn’t the first time Trump has found himself in hot water with Anonymous; the group first targeted the business man in 2015 following several of his comments concerning Muslims.
Trump has further made controversial statements in the tech realm; promising to force Apple to manufacture within the United States in one instance.
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Most recently, a series of high profile technology executives met in a secret venue to discuss how to stop Trump’s presidential campaign.
You can watch the full declaration of war on Donald Trump in the video below.
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