iFixit tears down the Samsung Galaxy S7

iFixit have commenced with a full on investigation of the internals of Samsung’s new flagship in their Galaxy S7 tear down.

Samsung’s newest flagship may have only just been announced, but the team over at iFixit have wasted little time in commencing with a Galaxy S7 tear down; revealing surprising new additions to Samsung’s design process.
As per usual, iFixit’s design tear downs seek to expose the relevant model through exposing its various internal parts.
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On their journey to the centre of Samsung this time around, the iFixit team uncovered an internal heat pipe which the Galaxy S7 makes use of for cooling, while new seals have been employed to give the device its IP68 rating for water resistance.
The team further examined the device’s larger 3,000mAh battery, which is larger compared to the Galaxy S6’s 2,550mAh cell.
galaxy s7 tear down
Further, the device’s front and rear camera propose interesting additions, as the Galaxy S7 brings a f/1.7 aperture to its selfie-shooter, while the device’s primary camera has been downgraded to a 12 megapixel unit compared to the 16 megapixel shooter that was found on its predecessor.
The team concluded by scoring the Galaxy S7 with a Repairability Score of 3/10, with 10 being the easiest to repair, citing while most of the device’s components are modular and can be replaced independently, battery replacement would involve a difficult process or first removing the motherboard and glued-on rear panel, while the device’s display would need to be completely removed – and potentially destroyed – in order to facilitate a USB port replacement.
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What are your thoughts on iFixit’s Galaxy S7 tear down? Would the device’s low Repairability Score hinder your desire to purchase it? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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